Getting 2 Know U Pod

Compilation “Best 1st for Last” Segments from a Variety of Guests

August 9, 2021

Sean shares some of the pod’s “Best 1st for Last” from an array of guests:

Iris shares about an awful app 1st date with a pushy hand holder (0:00), Dillan shares about sharing a breath with someone, which is your ha or spirit (21:16), Luke shares about tripping with the guys in a cabin on mushrooms (28:30), Cassie shares about spinning fire in Hawaii after a couple drinks (41:32), Kris shares about her 1st spirit investigation into the Ma Barker Home which was the site of the 1935 shoot out between the FBI and the Barker Karpis Gang (48:36), Paul shares about performing as a Drag Queen for the 1st time (59:30), Trey shares about rescuing his dog from an alligator attack in a Target retention pond (1:05:32), Tayrn shares about when she felt like she really made it as a Tarot Reader at a Renaissance fair (1:51:23), Gillian shares about losing the Canadian Speed Walking Championship (1:58:12), LauraLea shares about the 1st song she wrote that made her cry while singing it (2:02:41), Spencer shares about mountain climbing in Iceland without preparation (2:11:19), Cristen shares about the 1st time she sang in front of an audience at the age of 4 (2:20:22), David shares about the 1st time he smoked cannabis at 23 and then took a 13 year break from smoking (2:27:16)

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