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128-Matt: MMA Fighter, Certified Adaptive Crossfit Coach, Started a High School Wrestling Program, Inspired by Anime, Terrible At Soccer

August 22, 2021

Sean and Matt talk about Matt starting a wrestling team at his high school, being a football manager, his parents’ and wrestling coach’s influence on his mindset  (0:00),  1st season wrestling, the 3 matches that got away, how he got in MMA fighting. Anime nerding out and convention stories (42:29),  creating the Saiyan Soldier Project on youtube,  his 1st MMA fight being cancelled last minute, his 1st grappling match  (1:39:30), why he doesn’t want to just grapple, adaptive MMA fighting, and the benefits of his crossfit workouts  (2:32:21)

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IG: @ssjsoldier135


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